The Mewelde Moore Knowledge First Foundation was created to positively impact young men between the ages of 10-18. The Foundation will launch programs that will offer incentives for students in order to encourage high scholastic achievement.

Our mission is to help area youth achieve their greatest potential in education and sports. 

Mewelde Moore is the founder of Knowledge First. Moore is active in the Twin Cities community with the National Football Foundation, United Way, and Memorial Blood Center. Moore was a recipient of the Community Service Award for Business Ethics at the Tulane Council of Entrepreneurs and Business School Council Awards Gala in spring 2003. Moore was a member of the National Honor Society at Belaire High School in Baton Rouge. He also supports youth education through his Mewelde Moore Knowledge First Foundation. Moore regularly visits his alma mater, Tulane for fundraising events. He married his college girlfriend, Tymeka. 
Welcome to Knowledge First!
People ask me a lot, when did I know I wanted to have a foundation and how long has Knowledge First existed? My answer to them is…. almost 20 years ago, in my mind. I remember at 7 years old watching the news and seeing a celebrity visit a school and so many kids were happy to see them. How life changing that visit must have been. All I could think is “why don’t no one come to my neighborhood” and that day I decided if I ever made it I would come back to my community and give back. With the blessing of God I am able to do so. My efforts are global but my focus has been primarily in the  state of Louisiana. I have been able to serve underserved and underprivileged communities in the suburban areas of Scotlandville and both East and West Baton Rouge Parishes. This past year was a big year for MMKFF. It was a great accomplishment to have established partnerships with existing outreach programs in Louisiana. 
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